Introduction to the Durga Program

If we look closely into the nature of our behaviors, one finds at their basis mental and emotional patterns. Though mostly benign, some of these patterns are not supportive to our well being. Some examples of these are: rushing, procrastination, intimidation, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, confusion, feeling unappreciated, and the list goes on. Yes, we find nearly all stress, problems and issues are sustained and run by these thought patterns. They are like force fields that influence the mind just as a river influences the banks it flows through.

These habit patterns have found their way into our lives from our own thoughts we generate or have generated in the past. They run mostly unnoticed since we get used to them, yet they precondition the mind, creating limitations and ultimately problems for us. We learn to accept, cope or even deny these patterns. The good news is each and every one of these patterns or samskaras (a sanskrit term meaning mental impression) can be released one by one by the Durga Program techniques and help you with energy healing, spiritual healing, and transformational healing.

Revealing the Authentic Self through Self-Healing Techniques

By Marc Zimmerman

Revealing the Authentic Self through Self-Healing TechniquesProper tools are required to perform tasks in efficient ways, not only bringing satisfaction to the accomplishment, but to the process. A carpenter approaches a complex job, but in his mind he knows he has the required tools to achieve his goal.

Out of a hundred processes that I have received through the years, I have chosen two healing processes to teach in the book. Each being easy to learn, effective tools for clearing out deep issues and karmas. If properly followed, the aspirant will watch their issues melt away right before their eyes.

Once strictly the domain of physics, healers and mystics, a simple and enjoyable, energy healing process is made available in this book. Those seeking self sufficiency in moving out unwanted mental baggage from their life can turn these pages and learn to process. The information unfolds in a natural sequence, with theoretical knowledge supporting the practical applications and processes.

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