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Marc Zimmerman’s Books and Editions before 2010.
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* = Collaborations

I. Books


A. MZ’s LACASA Series in Pre-Post and Post Positions (General and Latin American Literary & Cultural Theory). Published by LACASA Books & Bravo y Allende Editores (Santiago, Chile, 2005-8).


Sample reviews and/or related materials at and Project Muse


Pre-Post Positions: Essays on Structures and History, Literature and Aesthetics. 2005. Key theoretical articles on Structuralism, Structural Historicism, Reception theory, etc

Politics and Modernity/ Europe and Latin America. 2006. De Sade, Lautréamont, Surrealism, Brecht/Latin and Central American avant gardes.  

Lucien Goldmann: Genetic Structuralism and Cultural Creation in the Capitalist World. 2007. 

Greatly expanded, updated, English-language version of Lucien Goldmann: El estructuralismo genético y la creación cultural. Minneapolis: Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature, U. of Minnesota, 1985.

South to North: Framing Latin and Central American, Caribbean and Latino Literatures.

Mixing the Personal and Professional. Essays tracing an intellectual trajectory from the 70s on.

El momento fugaz: Posiciones posmodernas en el mundo latinoamericano. Postmodern processes in Latin America, with essays on Marxism, literature, globalization and the future.    

América Latina en el nuevo [des]orden mundial. 2008. Essays on globalization and transnational processes, cities, borders, universities, pre- and post-9/ll concerns.

B. Books on Central American & U.S. Latin@ Literature and Culture

Read an overview at Proquest.

Literatura y testimonio en Centro-América: Posiciones post-insurgentes.  Guatemala City. Casa Editorial de la Universidad Rafael Landívar. 2006.

Literature and Resistance in Guatemala: Textual Modes and Cultural Politics from El Señor Presidente to Rigoberta Menchú. Athens, Ohio: Ohio U. Press, 1995. In two volumes: Volume I: Theory, History, Fiction and Poetry. Volume II. Testimonio and Cultural Politics under Cerezo and Serrano-Elías. 

Sample review at


* Literature and Politics in the Central American Revolutions. With John Beverley.


Sample reviews by James Iffland, Francisco Lasarte, María A. Salgado, Antony Higgins, Lon Pearson, Stephen Minta, Seymour Menton, Timothy Brennan, and Denis L. Heyck

U.S. Latino Literature: An Essay and Annotated Bibliography. Chicago: MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1992.


Online PDF version
Review and commentary by Pilar Bellver Sáez


II. Edited Volumes

A. Latin American, Latin@ and Caribbean Globalization and Culture

* MZ y Luis Ochoa Bilbao, eds. Giros culturales en la marea rosa de América Latina. Puebla, Mexico. Benemérita  Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) and LACASA 2012


2nd Edition, con Presentación por Abril Trigo Center for Latin American Studies. Ohio State U.

Sample Review by Rafael Serrano Hernández here.


* Gabriela Baeza Ventura y MZ, coords. Estudios culturales centroamericanos en el nuevo milenio. San José. C.R. Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica 2009.  Pre-publication edition published by LACASA. Houston: 2007.

Prior online version:


* Cardenio Bedoya, Flavia Belpoliti y MZ, eds. Orbis/Urbis Latino: Los “Hispanos” en las ciudades de los estados unidos. Houston. LACASA. 2008.

Sample review here 

Sample text in English: here

* Sonia Báez Hernández, Anadeli Bencomo y MZ, coord. Ir y venir: procesos transnacionales entre América Latina y el norte. LACASA/Bravo y Allende, 2007. 

2nd edition, Center for Latin American Studies, Ohio State University

Sample related materials here.


* Catalina Castillón, Cristián Santibáñez y MZ,  Coords. Estudios culturales y cuestiones de globalización: Latinoamérica en la coyuntura transnacional. Santiago de Chile. LACASA/Bravo y Allende, 2005.

Sample review here.


* Patricio Navia y MZ, coords. Las ciudades latinoamericanas en el nuevo [des]orden mundial. Mexico, Buenos Aires. Siglo XXI editores, 2004.


Related Article


* Luis Felipe Diáz y MZ, ed. Globalización, nación, postmodernidad. Estudios culturales puertorriqueños. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Editorial LACASA Puerto Rico, 2001.

Sample review here.


* Michael Piazza and MZ, ed. . New World [Dis]Orders and Peripheral Strains: Specifying Cultural Dimensions in Latin American Studies. Chicago. MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1998. Chicago. MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1998.


* Ileana Rodríguez and MZ, ed. Processes of Unity in Caribbean Societies, Ideologies and Literatures. Minneapolis: Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature, U. of Minnesota, 1983.

Review by Elías Colón

B. Series on Central American Literature and History (Literature-Based Collage Histories)

Overview by Gail Ament: "La voz del quetzal: literatura y resistencia". Mesoamérica. Vol. 21, Iss. 39  (June 2000): 426-432.

* Edition in English. MZ y Raúl Rojas. Voices from the Silence: Guatemalan

Literature of Resistance. Athens, OH: Ohio U. Press, 1998.

Sample review here.

* Original Spanish-language edition. MZ y Raúl Rojas. Guatemala: Voces desde el silencio (Guatemala: Palo de Hormigo y Oscar de León Palacios, 1993).

Sample review here.


* El Salvador at War: A Collage Epic. Minneapolis: MEP, 1988.

Sample review here.


* Nicaragua in Reconstruction and at War. Minneapolis: MEP, 1985.

* Nicaragua en Revolución: Los poetas hablan/ Nicaragua in Revolution: The  

Poets Speak.  Minneapolis: MEP, 1983, 1980.

Sample review by Richard Edelman.

C. Other Edited Volumes Published

* Ernesto Cardenal, Flights of Victory/ Vuelos de victoria. Introduced and edited by Marc Zimmerman, et al. Preface and intro. by MZ; trans. with others. Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 1988.
[First edition: Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1985.]

Sample review here.


* Rubén Darío, Nuestro Rubén Darío, intro. Ernesto Mejía Sánchez, Selección por Jorge Eduardo Arellano, Fidel Coloma, Julio Valle y Marc Zimmerman. Managua: Ministerio de Cultura, 1980.


* Lucien Goldmann, Cultural Creation in Modern Society, trans. Bart Grahl, intro. by William Mayrl; Appendices and Bibliography by I. Rodriguez and MZ. St. Louis: Telos Press, 1976. Blackwell’s. Oxford, UK. 1977.

Sample review here.

Video Interviews

Martin Granovsky. CLACSO Interview of MZ about Sandinismo, etc. 5/ 2014. CLACSO TV PRO - Vimeo

Jennifer Palton, ed. “A Youtube Interview: The Autobiography of José Gamaliel González,” KPFT - YouTube

For a list of citations to MZ’s work in books and articles listed in since 2004, visit (note: you must create an account to read the materials therein)

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